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Who We Are

Sania is Canada’s first curated collection of contemporary, conscious fashion from Latin America.

Our vision is to be Canada’s first hub for contemporary Latin American culture and design.


*Artesanía (sp) craftsmanship (en): the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.



What We Do


  • Showcase a curated collection of modern, high-quality, well made goods from Latin America
  • Provide emerging Latin American brands with exposure to the Canadian market


  • Provide advisory services to emerging Latin American social enterprises, supporting sales, partnership development, and new market entry
  • Form exclusive design partnerships with Canadian retailers


    • Create a collaborative and inclusive space for social entrepreneurs from Latin America
    • Host contemporary artists, authors, musicians, designers, business leaders and innovators in Toronto


      Our Aesthetic

      We curate a collection of statements and staples:

      • Pieces that make heads turn and spark conversation.
      • Pieces that you wear into the ground.
      • Pieces that are contemporary, bold, and of high quality construction and craftsmanship.


      The Founder

      Sania was founded by Elana Hazghia, an Iranian-American-Canadian with a passion for Latin America, which was initially rooted in nothing more than an affinity for the Spanish language. Her love for the language, region and people grew as her academic and professional career took her to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia, managing high-level programs, facilitating public-private partnerships, and co-founding Latin America’s first hemispheric network for women. Her experience has spanned borders and industries, from implementing complex health technology programs in the DR Congo to building a cross-cultural arts program in Guatemala.

      She is now marrying her passion for Latin America, social impact, and art by starting Sania. Her objective is to expose Canadians to a side of Latin America that is rarely seen or depicted in the media: a progressive, entrepreneurial, vibrant undercurrent of socially conscious innovators and designers.

      A native New Yorker born in London, Elana now lives in Toronto with her husband.