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Our Partners

Our partners are:

1. Social enterprises. They have sustainable business models that support the socioeconomic wellbeing of their artisans and surrounding communities.

2. Contemporary, but dedicated to traditional craft. Their aesthetic is modern, while respecting the traditions of local craftsmanship in their respective regions.

3. New to Canada. We specialize in introducing emerging Latin American brands to the Canadian market. 


Curation and Selection Process:

We work exclusively with social enterprises in fashion. We carefully select who we work with. We seek for-profit companies whose core business operations create a positive impact on their employees and/or surrounding communities. Social enterprises simultaneously seek to maximize profits and benefits to society and/or the environment.

We have a thorough vetting process. As we source products that align with our aesthetic, we ensure that the company is an active social enterprise by conducting site visits, questionnaires and interviews to better understand their business model and local impact.


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